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Aebi Schmidt becomes PremiumPartner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles


“PremiumPartners” of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are locally certified industry specialists that offer outstanding quality while meeting all standards and requirements defined by the world’s leading automaker, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Aebi Schmidt was initially awarded the Premium Partnership for providing the winter equipment of the Volkswagen Crafter 4MOTION dropside truck, with further combinations of VW automotive technology and Aebi Schmidt attachments and add-ons coming soon.


The aim of this partnership is to consistently blend superior automotive engineering with the appropriate attachment/add-on technology, bringing together the best of both worlds. The Premium Partnership also incorporates close collaboration and joint marketing of previously approved products – in this case, the winter equipment of the Volkswagen Crafter 4MOTION. Aebi Schmidt Deutschland would like to take the opportunity to once again thank Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for their trust and wish all involved great success in achieving the shared future objectives.


The excellent quality, flexibility and cost-efficiency of Aebi Schmidt transporter winter equipment sealed the deal for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.


It takes many good decisions to become the world’s leading manufacturer in the fiercely competitive auto industry. And there is no doubt that the Wolfsburg-based group’s position as the undisputed global leader is in no small part due to its high quality standards combined with great product diversification: This astute and forward-looking policy also reflects the commitment of Aebi Schmidt. After all, Aebi Schmidt is considered one of the world’s leading companies in its industry for a reason.


Our transporter winter equipment offers a wide variety of multi-purpose components that are designed to match the automotive manufacturer’s specific needs. Aebi Schmidt’s exclusive range of high-quality system components comprises hydraulic systems, mounting plates, attachments and add-ons, control panels, lighting systems and accessories. All solutions are always developed in close coordination with its partners and customers, with a strong focus on maximum performance and highest operational safety.


Aebi Schmidt attachment and modification winter technology turns any transporter into a powerful and versatile winter service vehicle.


From snowploughs to spreaders to the related hydraulic supply systems, Aebi Schmidt offers its customers complete one-stop solutions for transporter attachments and add-ons. This was also a strong argument for entering into the Premium Partnership, since we as a system provider are able to match every detail in an ideal way without having to make any compromises within the VW standards to meet the specific needs of our customers. All solutions we designed specifically for transporters have been subjected to rigorous stress tests, with the clearance certificate by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles once again acknowledging our excellent quality management. A high degree of efficiency, great flexibility of use, maximum driving and operating comfort, easy maintenance and a long service life: Both sides are unconditionally committed to all these values.


The partnership between Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Aebi Schmidt thus creates a complete package that is sure to impress – which, by the way, can also be viewed online at any time: In addition to the Aebi Schmidt website, we highly recommend visiting the comprehensive UmbauPortal by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.


The UmbauPortal has the aim to encourage collaboration with add-on manufacturers while making it as easy as possible for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles customers and dealers to select suitable add-ons and modification equipment. Both private customers and dealers can find all relevant options and details there to turn a Volkswagen Crafter 4MOTION dropside truck – combined with certified Aebi Schmidt winter technology – into a versatile winter service vehicle.


The centrepiece of this modification is Aebi Schmidt’s powerful dual-circuit hydraulic system, providing a maximum of reliability in the hydraulic supply for snowploughs and spreaders during any winter service operation. For use with the Volkswagen dropside truck, Aebi Schmidt also manufactures spreaders, available with or without pre-wetted salt system, as well as the rugged and efficient SNK 24 lightweight snowplough with a clearing width of 2,100 mm (also by Aebi Schmidt). Integrated features include special lighting systems for winter service operations.


For more in-depth information on all performance characteristics of the Volkswagen Crafter 4MOTION dropside truck in combination with customised modification options by Aebi Schmidt (including all contact details), please go to the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UmbauPortal at:

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